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About Vipassana Foundation

About the author

David Snyder   David Snyder

The author at The Great Stupa at Shambhala Mountain, Colorado, USA. The author has a Ph.D. in sociology and philosophy from The University of Texas - Arlington and Dallas and has opened Dhamma centers in Denver and in Las Vegas. He has attended retreats and been practicing for over 30 years.  For a fully biography, see his page on The Dhamma Encyclopedia

The Foreword for this book has been written by Venerable Madawela Punnaji. Bhante Punnaji is an excellent speaker of the Dhamma and travels the world leading retreats and giving talks. Bhante (Pali word for Venerable or reverend) is a Buddhist monk originally from Sri Lanka who is not only a scholar of the Pali Canon, but also has extensive studies in science, medicine, and western psychology. See Who's Who in Buddhism for a photo of Bhante Punnaji.  For a full biography of Bhante Madawela Punnaji, see his page on The Dhamma Encyclopedia

About the organization

Vipassana Foundation
Las Vegas, Nevada

Vipassana Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted solely to the dissemination of the Buddha’s Dhamma and charitable activities that help in the spread of Buddha-Dhamma around the globe and the alleviation of suffering everywhere.  Vipassana Foundation and the author of Buddha's Lists did not make any profit or income from any sales.

The Vipassana Foundation is a non-profit organization, approved by U.S. tax code 501(c)(3). The hard copy print books sold out in June of 2009 and then went online as a PDF download completely for free, no shipping and printing costs for Vipassana Foundation or purchasers as it can be read online as a free e-book. See the link at the home page for the complete book.

No donations are requested or solicited as all costs for the websites are contributed by the author.

Several of the print books were sent to inmates and prison libraries without any cost.  The cost was picked up by Vipassana Foundation and the author.  Many indigent inmates have received this book and have started study groups at the prison, using the book as reference and study material.

The author once worked at a Federal prison in Ft. Worth, Texas and is especially grateful to the inmates who have changed their lives and worked to help other inmates through the material in this book.

May all beings in the universe be well, happy, and peaceful!

Vipassana Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

©2008 Vipassana Foundation