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Las Vegas Dhamma (Dharma) / Meditation Groups

Dharma in Sin City? See the article below!

Maha Bodhi Las Vegas
(Vipassana Foundation)
Non-sectarian Buddhist and vipassana
Meditation, talk, discussion, and tea
Occasional meetings and programs
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Located in central, southeast Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121
Located in Central Las Vegas
See Maha Bodhi Las Vegas for photos and more information. Send us an e-mail to be notified of all programs.
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david (at) thedhamma.com (replace the at word with the symbol, no spaces)

See Las Vegas Dhamma Wiki page for the complete list of all Dhamma / Dharma centers in Las Vegas.

Sin City Dharma

Las Vegas, also known as, "Sin City" is home to a high number of Buddhist Dharma groups

Why is Las Vegas so open to Buddha-Dharma?

One reason could be that there is no "sin" in Buddhism.  Gambling, per se, and other Las Vegas activities are not forbidden in Buddhism.  The Buddha's teachings assist us in overcoming greed and attachments to things such as ego and extreme viewpoints. Addictions are to be avoided of any kind.  While it is certainly possible to become addicted to gambling, it can be just as easy to become addicted to many other things, including compulsive behaviors and viewpoints.

In the Buddha's teachings, there is no "sin."  Negative  or unwholesome things might happen because of  attachment (or greed), aversion (or hatred), and delusion (or ignorance).  Participating in entertainment activities is not forbidden and can be done in moderation, especially without extreme attachment and greed.  Studies show that the vast majority of all tourists and locals who do gamble, do so with a strict budget.

It is specifically mentioned in the discourses of Buddha, Digha Nikaya, Sigalaka Sutta, number 31, that lay people should not waste their money and one way of wasting money is described as addiction to gambling. The discourse does not prohibit gambling or entertainment, just the addiction to it.

There are some who believe that it is inappropriate to live in Las Vegas or especially to work in casino establishments.  Such a viewpoint fails to understand the intentions of our actions.  The Buddha only was opposed to livelihoods that directly harmed others with violence, including trading in weapons, poisons, and animal flesh.  A casino black jack dealer has no intention of creating a gambling addict anymore than a TV cable installer wants to create a TV watching addict.  Working at a casino is not a wrong livelihood. 

The viewpoint against living or working in Vegas fails to understand the interconnectedness of all life, people, and economies. A tourist may come to Las Vegas, win some money, take it back to his home in Cleveland and buy some lunch at a cafe in Cleveland.  The cafe owner is then receiving gambling money (indirectly) which he then uses to pay his employees.  One of the employees uses the wages  to buy some products at a store in Cleveland, which pays another owner which pays another employee, who then might use the wages to make a trip to Las Vegas.  The cycle goes round and round, it is all inter-connected, just like Indra's Net and the circle of life.  To say that you can not live or work in Las Vegas so that you do not touch gambling money is foolish, it is all connected no matter where you live.

Las Vegas Buddhist facts and trivia:

*  A large percentage of international tourists are from Asia and predominantly Buddhist.

*  There is a non-stop daily flight from Tokyo to Las Vegas due to demand.

*  The mega-casino Mandalay Bay has a Buddhist theme and is filled with Buddhist statues and Asian gardens and decorations.

*  The restaurant at the top of the Palms Hotel & Casino is called Little Buddha.

*  MGM Grand paid $10 million to change their entrance from a walkway entering a Lion's mouth to a different Lion away from the entrance to please the Asian market.

*  The Tao nightclub at the Venetian features several Buddha statues, one very large 20 foot Buddha statue floating over a pond and their billboard advertising features a Buddha with the words, Religious Nightlife, Spiritual Dining, and Your prayers have been answered.

*  Steve Wynn, owner of Wynn Hotel and Casino has been involved with most of the mega-casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, either in development, ownership, or management. He was born Jewish but states that he is a Buddhist and that the Dalai Lama is his teacher.

*  Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino has a large shrine to the Buddhist god, Brahma who like other gods in the Buddhist cosmology is impermanent and subject to rebirth like the rest of us until one attains nibbana (nirvana). The statue has four heads which is just symbolic for the four brahma viharas.


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